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RF Network Engineering Software for Cellular, Broadband Systems, and Land Mobile Radio

RF Coverage is proud to introduce our geographical signal coverage mapping and prediction tools. These new tools will provide a live visual performance evaluation of your current radio system.

It will help identify dead spots in radio coverage, and along with the prediction tools, will determine the best transmitter site. RF Coverage will conduct measurements and interpret the acquired data to recommend changes.

The graphical overlay of the dead spots provided by these programs are shown on street level maps and can be customized for each town and specific area. It is therefore easier to address coverage problems when you have a visual display of the current system's performance. This in term helps identify problems you may have in your current coverage. It also helps in identifying whether adequate radio coverage is presented at each particular test point.

These programs are of great help when you need to implement a new radio system. Before you purchase any equipment, the prediction modeling software will help you choose not only the site but also the antenna or antennas in order to provide the best possible radio coverage.

In resolving radio coverage issues, understanding the current radio system's capabilities are of great importance for the success of any future changes.

Antenna radiation patterns are yet another tool that helps in predicting the best coverage for your particular application.

The geographical position of your town and existing structures can be used in correlation with the prediction tool and antenna modeling software for determining optimal functionality.

RF Coverage offers you full capability to provide initial design, performance validation, and benchmarking RF services for fixed and mobile systems. Cellular, PCS, and ESMR systems are fully supported, as well as emerging wireless data systems such as 802.11 (WiFi) and MMDS. Our knowledgeable engineers enable us to provide platform functionality across analog, CDMA, TDMA, GSM/GPRS and related technologies to support all your network requirements.

RF Coverage frees you from the stress of meeting deadlines during network design, turn-on and optimization, without breaking your budget. RF Coverage’s experienced project team engineers and technicians are among the best in the business. Using state-of-the-art software and hardware, they produce results that meet your requirements for quality, schedule and price.

Recognizing that the focus of the wireless industry today is largely directed towards performance optimization and network quality of service, RF Coverage utilizes our patented prediction software as a key to attaining those goals for your network.

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